Stop Ferret Biting- Know Why Ferret Bite and How to Prevent It?

Do you have a ferret that bites? And you want to get rid of this ferret bite?

Firstly, You have to know WHY FERRET BITE YOU?

  1. They want to play with you
  2. They might be hungry
  3. They want your attention
  4. They might be afraid of you
  5. They want to communicate with you
  6. Or maybe you are tasty (just kidding)

If they bite and hurt you then you have to train your ferret for stop biting

It is easy to train your ferret to stop biting when he/she is young and it is important to train him Because what they learn at their young age they do it same in their lifetime. So as a good owner it is your responsibility to train your ferret to stop biting and change their bad behavior.

Here the Solution: With these few ways, you can stop him from biting you and train your ferret. These tips will help you figure out how to get the behavior to stop so you and your ferret can enjoy each other’s company more thoroughly!

1. Say NOOOOO!

Don’t underestimate the power of Saying NO, It creates so much impact on their bad behavior. Say NO in a loud voice when your ferret bites, And send away from you. This trick is really helpful, because when you say no to do this again and again so they stop biting.

2. Scruff your ferret

Scuffing is the very popular way to stop your ferret from behaving badly. Because with this technique ferret understands that they are being punished. So when you scruff your ferret then say no and send away from you. Repeat this method, again and again, to train your ferret to stop biting.

How to Scruff a ferret: Grab your ferret by the loose skin on the back of her neck. Use your thumb and first few fingers. and give support from your second hand.

3. Put the ferret in time out

If above 2 trick does not work, then you have to put your ferret in time out.This trick is really helpful with kits. You have to put your ferret in traveling cage. Traveling cage work like a prison for a ferret, because ferret are more playful and they don’t like to be alone. Don’t leave your ferret in traveling cage for more than 5 minutes, because your ferret may go to sleep if you put in time out for a long period.

4. Distract your ferret

This method works very well with an overexcited ferret kits. In this method, you have to distract your ferret when they bite you. You can distract your ferret with the help of a toy. Just simply give a toy to your ferret when they bite you. By doing this you distract your ferret from biting. This method teaches your ferret to bite a human is not acceptable.

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5. Use Bitter Apple Spray

This is the easiest and simple way to save yourself from the bite, simply use bitter apple spray on your fingers or where your ferret bite. Now when your ferret came to you for the bite then they start hating to bite you because ferret hates the taste of bitter apple. You can use bitter apple spray to stop you ferret from chewing the cage.

6. Use Ferret Tone

Ferret tone really saves you from ferret bites. When ferret bites you can use a ferret tone so ferret starts licking your finger instead of bite. Ferret love ferret tone so they like to lick instead of biting you. Simply use a ferret tone to stop ferret your ferret from biting you.

It takes weeks and sometimes months to teach them not to bite but you have to give a proper and consistent training.

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