How to use Dog Clippers at Home like a PRO!!!

Do you want to learn how to use dog clippers? Are you afraid to using the Dog Clippers and Grooming your dog by yourself  And don’t want to pay the salon bills every month???

So, Here the SOLUTION: You can clip your dog’s hair by yourself, Yes you read right. It is not that much hard as you think, It is quite Simple to clip your dog’s hair like a pro and without harming them. You can Learn this with these Simple Steps and you will become a PRO

Are you Ready to Start clipping your dog hair? So here are the Simple 9 Steps

    1.  WASH YOUR DOG: It is the responsibility of the owner to wash your dog. Brush your dog before a bath, use warm water and wash with a good dog shampoo then give air dry to your dog. Now your Dog is ready for the haircut.
    2. USE  DOG  CLIPPERS: Choose the good clippers that are made for dogs only. If you use the men clippers to clip your dog hair so you may harm your dog. Buying a good clipper is an investment that saves your thousands of money that you pay in salons. Don’t use scissors to clip your dog if you are not a pro, you may hurt your dog by using scissors. You can check the Best 5 Dog Clippers that will actually make your’s dog life better 
  1. USE RIGHT BLADE: It is very important to use a right blade to clipping your dog hair. Select the blade according to your dog breed and coat type. Different blades are used for different cuts.
  2. SELECT THE BEST HAIRCUT THAT SUITS ON YOUR DOG: Select the good haircut is important for clipping. If you don’t know the best haircut that suits to your dog then you can google it and get some idea about it.                         
  3. CLIP WITH GROWTH OF HAIR: Now it’s time to start your clipper so always clip with the growth of hair. If you do it in the opposite direction of hair growth so you may make the harsh line.                    
  4. HOLD YOUR DOG: You have to hold your dog to avoid sudden movements. When you do clipping, your dog may do sudden movements that may cut your dog. So it’s important to hold your dog. You can take help of another person to hold your dog if your dog is comfortable with that person.
  5. DO IT SLOWLY: You have to clip your dog slowly if you do it fast so you may make uneven lines and may harm your dog.
  6.  DO NOT USE CLIPPER WHEN IT GET HOT: If it’s your first time so it will take some more time so maybe your clipper get hot. if it gets hot so waits till it gets cool. Normally within 10-15 minutes, you can clip your dog.
  7. BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU CLIP NEAR SENSITIVE AREA: Leg, tail, anus, face etc… These type of area are sensitive so you have to be careful when you clip near these area.

With these Simple Steps, you can easily do clipping your dog by yourself. All the best and clipping your dog like a PRO!!!