Top 5 Best Turtle Food To Buy (Reviews) In 2021

Best 5 Turtle Foods Which Are Healthy For Your Turtle

Turtle is one of the prettiest pet to keep in the aquarium. They swim around the tank so adorably. But you have to feed the turtle properly to make them survive. There is a lot of commercial food available in the market and you want to select the best food for your turtle.

Commercial and raw food both are good for the turtle but it depends on your turtle whether he like it or not. It is very important to take care of your pet. Food is very important because foods keep them happy and healthy.

Top-Rated Turtle Food List:-

Today we will give you a brief about the top 5 best turtle food which you can buy for your turtle. After so much research on the turtle and reading so many product reviews we select the top 5 turtle food which helps your turtle in long term health and lifespan.

1. Tetra ReptoMin Floating Turtle Food Sticks

Tetra ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks best turtle food

Our 1st best turtle food is Tetra ReptoMin Floating Turtle Food StickS. These are the floating food stick which is recommended for an aquatic turtle. Turtle eats the food before it gets dissolved in water, which makes this food waste-free as it took a too long time to get dissolve. This is not only for turtle even frogs and newts can also eat it.

The ingredient is hand-selected for delivering the most nutritious food to your turtle. The manufacturer includes calcium and vitamin C in it.people are using this product all over the world for 30 years. This product guarantees you your turtle is getting the proper nutrition it needs.

The pet owner has been happy with ReptoMin as it comes in 6-pound bucket size, the stock is enough for 1-2 months. This tetra ReptoMin contain all the thing which are needed for the better growth health for your turtle. If you are not sure whether your turtle will like this or not. Then you can buy a smaller packet in the beginning so as to test the taste and preference of your turtle.


  • The food is so easy to digest for the turtle.
  • The product contains a high value of nutrition.
  • Food is available in many sizes.
  • Also suitable for grogs and newts.
  • It contains calcium and vitamin.
  • The bigger size will last you too long.
  • The container is reusable and can be sealed which keeps food fresh.


  • Sometimes when it dissolves in water it makes the water dirty.
  • It contains very low % of fat for a baby turtle.
  • Some tortoise doesn’t like this floating stick.


 2. Fluker Labs Turtle Medley Treat

Fluker's medley treat food for turtle


Our 2nd best most loved brand for food turtle is Fluker’s Medley Treat. Pet owners trust this product as it is made of high-quality ingredients. The box contains dried river shrimps, crickets and mealworm i.e a lot of protein and vitamin.

Fluker’s medley treat is a great option to feed your turtle in the aquarium. It contains a lot of protein so don’t overfeed your turtle with this. You can feed your pet 2-3 times a week. This product gives your pet a treat which makes turtle happy. It is not good for the adult turtle as the adult tortoise doesn’t need a lot of proteins.

If we talk about the best turtle food there are so many things to consider and protein value is one of them. It treats a well as food for the turtle. As it provides all nutrition a turtle need and makes it stronger for this price the quantity you get is so good.


  • This is the treat and food both for the turtle.
  • It include essential vitamins,calcium and protien.
  • The price is so reasonable.


  • Some turtles may not like it.
  • It makes them obese.

3. Zoo Med Sun-Dried Large Red Shrimp

Zoo Med Sun-Dried Large Red Shrimp

Zoo Med Sundried is the 3rd best-top rated turtle food which is an ideal product for your turtle. You can use this food as their regular food or as their treat. It contains red shrimps and shrimps are the favorite food for aquatic animals. The turtle loves this product.

The quality of food is excellent to have enough protein and assures your turtle is getting enough nutrients and vitamins. This is a very versatile product you can use for your aquarium pets. It contains all the nutritions so turtle will grow stronger and healthy over time. It contains 59% of protein which is so high.

Many pet owners wrote they have sen some positive changes in just a few weeks and truly like this product. It is the cheese to all aquarium pets. If you are a professional pet owner you must the role of protein in the growth of pets. The review is positive so many people using this and highly praised it.





  • It has 59% of protein.
  • It is a highly nutritious food.
  • The food promotes better growth of the turtle.
  • It contains red shrimps.
  • The behavior is so versatile.


  • The problem with this is food stinks a lot.
  • The food smell is very foul and irritating to some people.

4. Fluker’s Buffet Blend Aquatic Turtle Formula

Fluker’s Buffet Blend Aquatic Turtle FormulaOur 4th best food for your turtle is Fluker’s buffet blend. This contains the best quality vitamins and nutrients that help your turtle for better growth. The recipe is made up of freeze-dried crayfish and mealworms. This full package is enriched in nutrition and a complete balanced diet for your turtle.

If you searching a food that serves the exact amount of vitamins and minerals for your turtle then this product is a great choice you can make. You can feed this food one time a day. Turtle eats the food while the food is floating and after 15-20 min foo gets a break and sink to the bottom of your tank.

All the ingredients are natural and your pet will get tasty food and enjoy the meal. You can feed this food to turtle in freshwater. It will not make tank water dirty or cloudy. Food just breaks up and sinks into the bottom of the tank. Later turtle can return to continue feeding.


  • It contains all river shrimp and mealworms.
  • The food is so easily digestible
  • This product contains the proper amount of fat and protein.
  • The food float and the breakup and sink to the bottom without making the water dirty.
  • This blend is tasty for the turtle.



  • It spoils water quality or makes the water dirty.
  • The size of the pellets is so big for some turtles.
  • The product is quite expensive.



5. Rep-Cal Maintenance Formula Box Turtle Food with Fruit

Rep-Cal Maintenance Formula Box Turtle Food with Fruit

This is our 5th best top rated best turtle food that is affordable and comes with the right nutrients. Rep-Cal Maintenance is a treat or daily use food both and it completes the pet needs. This is made up of fruit ingredients also and turtle love it and enjoy the taste too. This Food is completely fortified with nutrients and vitamins that means your turtle can grow better now.

The downside of this product is just it makes tank water cloudy. If you are searching for the best food for your turtle then you can consider this Rep-Cal Maintainance product as an option. You can buy and get ensure your pet is getting all the nutrients on a daily basis whatever it needs.

Make sure you read the instruction given by the manufacturer to feed your turtle. If you are lazy then you can use it as a daily regular food for the turtle. A lot of people like the brand and use this product over the years. This product is manufactured in the USA.




  • Food is made in the USA.
  • The product is formulated for better turtle growth.
  • This food is a good option to feed your turtle on a daily basis.


  • The water in the tank becomes slightly cloudy and dirty.

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