Top 5 Best Sugar Glider Food To Buy (Review) In 2021

Sugar Glider is exotic pets in the US. People love them because they find them cute, small and unique looking animals. Their appearance is a mix of the breed of flying squirrel and a chipmunk. If you own a sugar glider then you must know about pet’s requirement, and what is the best to feed them. As they require a special diet, space and a lot of care. We will find the best sugar glider food.

You can purchase commercial feeds to ensure the proper diet for your pet. Below you will find the top 5 best food for sugar gliders. which means you must get the best sugar glider food and diet. Unlike other pets, they require more than a pellet mix to get the best diet. the right food will make your pet happy and promotes better growth.

Top-rated Best 5 Food You Can Feed To Your Sugar Spider

In this article, we would be discussing the list of best sugar glider food. The sugar glider is omnivorous and insectivorous so they can eat meat, insects, and vegetables but some food is also toxic for them to eat. These pets love sweet food as their name describes.


Sugar glider

1. Exotic Nutrition Instant-HPW Sugar Glider Food

Exotic Nutrition Instant-HPW High Protein Sugar Glider Food

Our 1st best food for sugar gliders is Exotic Nutrition Instant-HPW. This food ensures higher nutritional value for your pet at home. It comes in powder form that means you need to mix it with water while serving. The food contains eggs, flaxseed oil, 3 fatty acids and omega 6, honey, bee pollen, and a high-protein supplement.

  • Instant HPW is easy to make, just mix the powder with water.
  • It has vitamins and comes with vanilla flavor.
  • The product contains natural ingredients like honey and eggs.

The best thing the food is all-natural. The quality of food making sure food is safe for your pet. It contains all the important nutritional needs your pet requires. The high value of protein and vitamin-packed diet is enough for your pet. The taste of this food is delicious, sugar glider loves to eat it.


  • Food is very easy to prepare.
  • The nutritious value is very high.
  • It is made up of Natural food.
  • Available in different packing sizes.
  • The cost is affordable.


  • The taste could be better.
  • You need to buy extra nutritional diet food.


It is better and very easy to use than any other food type. It will be fresh each time you serve your pet. Simply you have to mix the powder with the water. As it is not solid food so it will be easily digestible for a sugar glider. The price is also reasonable as per the quality and affordable.

The manufacturer knew what a sugar glider need and what they love s they add vanilla bean flavor. A half tablespoon every day with a nutritional diet is recommended. This saves you time, cost, and mess involved in preparing the HPW diet plan from home. It is advisable to feed the HPW at night since the gliders will be awake, and the wet food will not stay for long enough to dry up.

2. Exotic Nutrition Glider Complete Diet

Exotic Nutrition Glider Complete Diet


Exotic Nutrition Glide complete diet is the 2nd best food for Sugar gliders. This is a very popular brand. Exotic products are all naturals and niche-based. This product contains ingredients like papaya, pears, pineapple and much more. It is a high protein treat for sugar gliders.

The exotic nutrition is a complete fortified pellet diet for sugar gliders that features 8 variety of real fruits chunks. Apart from fruits, it contains dried fruit as well. Exotic complete is a great choice when using glider food. Food doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors, which means the product is safe to use for your sugar glider.


  • Food is available in different sizes.
  • It contains Natural chunks of dried fruits.
  • The food is nutritious.
  • No additional supplements are needed.


  • The cost is higher.
  • Some gliders don’t like its taste.

The food contains high animal protein and fruits, which means you are giving high-quality food to your sugar glider. It will promote the proper development and growth of your glider. Because of high protein combines with vitamins and minerals. This food keeps your pet happy and healthy.

You don’t need to use additional vitamin and any supplements with this food. It is complete on its own with the best essentials ingredients. People who looking for the best food for gliders or any alternative then this exotic glider complete will be the right choice. It includes quality pellets with 8 variety of fruits and fortified with vitamins and minerals.

3. Happy Glider Fruity Flavor Sugar Glider Food

Happy Glider Fruity Flavor Best Sugar Glider FoodHappy Glider is our 3rd best food for a sugar glider. This brand supplies sugar food for so long and provides excellent quality standards. Food is tasty and has a flavor coating on food which make it more appealing and pet loves to eat it. It includes blended a mix of toasted whole grains which have essentials minerals and vitamins.

The food is made up of delivering the best nutrients and taste to your sugar gliders. It contains protein vitamins and minerals. It comes with a resealable bag that means food will be fresh each time you feed to your pet. Suncoast happy glider is one of the high quality and safe for your pet health food.

The treat has a different flavor so you can choose flavor suits to your pets. It smells as good as it tastes to sugar gliders. IF your glider cant chews hard pellets, just soak the pellets in a fruit juice to make them soften. This is so delicious flavored meal that is perfect and comes with a high quality of ingredients.


  • A bag of a complete diet for your glider.
  • The bag is reusable that’s means food remains fresh.
  • The taste is delicious.
  • Food doesn’t require mixing as it is solid grains.
  • The price is affordable.
  • The manufacturer gives free shipping.


  • It makes the sugar gliders to have stinky poop that smells too bad. 
  • Sometimes the pieces are too large to the sugar gliders.

 4. Vitakraft Vitasmart Sugar Glider Food

Vitakraft Vitasmart Best Sugar Glider Food

Being a loving and caring pet owner of your sugar glider. It is your duty to feed the best food for better growth and development. This Vitacraft sugar glider food is our 4th best food for the sugar glider. It has a high protein formula especially for sugar glider s food and diet. Vitacraft includes parsley, carrots, honey, 5 fruits juice, and freeze-dried mealworms.

Apart from mixes, Vitacraft also contains special ingredients that make food tastier for your pet. Moreover, it contains  omega-3 fatty acids that enhance heart function, brain and health development, and good vision. Vitacraft is a top brand for pet food. It offers the best food that ensures better growth and development.

The product also contains honey and garden vegetables. If you have a picky sugar glider, then you will notice that it can easily eat the food without much of a problem. The bag is resealable which means food is fresh each time you feed your sugar glider even after months.


  • Vitacraft is fortified with all minerals and vitamins.
  • The taste of this food is really delicious. 
  • The bag is resealable that means it maintains freshness.
  • The price is also cheap.
  • Available in two different sizes.


  • Expensive as per the quantity.
  • Some pellets are big for young sugar gliders.

The size of pellets is small which sugar glider can easily chew. The grains contain sweet smells that appeal to these exotic pets. we advise you to provide dietary food to ensure a properly balanced diet.

5. Mazuri Insectivore Diet For Sugar Gliders

Mazuri Insectivore Diet best sugar glider food

Manzuri insectivore diet is our 5th product on the list of top 5 best food for sugar gliders. The nature of this food is so versatile you can use this product right now as it is made up of insectivores. It is one of the best good for your small pet sugar glider. The food is a completely balanced diet for the glider. The nutrition is high you don’t need to use any additional supplements food. this food is fortified have essential minerals and vitamins.

It contains fish oil that means omega 3 fatty acids which helps in the development of your pet, overall. Sugar gliders can eat insects regularly, But make sure the insect you are feeding them is not too fat to prevent getting your pet obese. because we all known obese animals are more prone to illness.

This Manzuri insectivore diet is designed to provide complete healthy growth for insectivores. It is high in fiber which helps stimulate the chitin element in your pet’s diet.


  • The bag is resealable that means freshness is always maintained.
  • The food is versatile. 
  • It contains high fiber.


  • Not the best for hedgehogs

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