Top 5 Best Hamster Foods (Reviews) in 2021

Hello Friends, If you also have a cute little friend hamster at your home and you are looking for the food which is the best food for a hamster, Then you are at the right place. Here we are gonna review the tops 5 best hamster foods. These Food are top brands and Really helps in keep your furry friend healthy and happy.

In the market, there are so many products so it becomes really difficult to choose the right product for your hamster. So we did the research on it for you guys. So it becomes easy for you to decide the best food for your hamster.

Here we gathered only those top 5 Hamster foods which have received so many great reviews from many customers. We ensure you will get excellent food for your hamster friend. 

Best Hamster Food- Good Quality Grains

1. Oxbow Animal Health Hamster and Gerbil Fortified Food


This packet contains all the things which your hamster likes and helps it to stay healthy and fit always. It is very very tasty and apart from taste, It comes with all the essential nutrients that will take care of your hamster. Oxbow is one of the best hamster food in the market these days.  

We all know it so difficult always to show your pet the amount of love you do to them and it has never been easier to show to your pet, thanks to this amazing blend of barley, oats, and timothy hay.

After buying this product you don’t need to worry about your pet health whether hamster’s health will going to be compromised, because this oxbow food doesn’t have any seeds or high sugar fruits and this Oxbow hamster food doesn’t contain seeds, artificial flavors, and any artificial color and flavors. This means that you can have the peace of mind that your furry little friend’s health is not being compromised. The best way to feed this best hamster food to your pet is to mix with hay which will encourage foraging and will provide enrichment of nutrients. This formula also helps your hamster’s dental health and make him more active.

Each bag contains 30 meal for your hamster, It supplies all the required thing which satisfy the hamster at every feeding. it contains oats, barley, and a secret ingredient. Each bite cleans the hamster teeth and makes the teeth stronger. This food never causes tooth decay if eaten too much.

In addition, this food contains extra fibers for improving the hamster digestive system oxbow is the best hamster food that ensures the need for calcium and vitamins. If you guys looking for the best food for hamster then oxbow essential is a great deal. 



  • There are so many positive responses from the people they appreciate this product because the hamster doesn’t waste food anymore.
  • It has been noticed that after eating this oxbow hamster food the hamster becomes more energetic and happy.
  • The oxbow hamster food quality is really nice it doesn’t contain any seed or any artificial color and flavor. Unlike another brand, It doesn’t contain much sugar and prevents your pet from getting toothache and cavity.
  • Unlike many other mixed seed foods from other brands, This product from Oxbow doesn’t have too much sugar and it doesn’t cause any type of cheek pouch abrasions.


  • This product is a bit expensive than other brand but as we all know health is priceless.
  • Few customers told us about what they don’t like its smell but their hamster doesn’t mind it.
  • Some hamster doesn’t like it.

2. Kaytee Fiesta Hamster Food

               kaytee fiesta best hamster food

Our 2nd best hamster food is Kaytee Fiesta hamster food that offers you a completely natural diet for your furry friend hamster. As we all known hamsters cant brush their own teeth so it is recommended for them to eat healthy food that promotes oral health. For this Kaytee brings this food for hamster contains larger and crunchy pieces that stimulate better chewing activity and better shinning teeth.

It is always a good idea to use a separate hamster food bowl because your hamster love to get the maximum comfort in his/her meals. Apart from taste the recipe is really good and contains all the healthy nutrients. The best thing about this product is that the recipe is formulated by an animal nutrition expert that ensures your hamster will get a balanced diet.

Hamsters need good and healthy food to keep them active and happy. Kaytee is a top brand over 150 years of trust in the pet experience. They know what hamsters required for a happy and long life. So there is no need to worry your hamster is in the right hand and eating the right food. Kaytee hamster food is best and it has pre and probiotics that help in the digestive health of your hamster. It comes with different sizes to give a variety of texture that helps in keeping healthy and sharp teeth.



  • This product will make your hamster healthy with lots of energy and his/her coat will be nice and soft.
  • Your furry friend will love this food by Kaytee as it has a great variety of ingredients that offer them a paradise of taste and flavors.
  • It promotes a healthy digestive system and the hamster can easily chew this Kaytee food more than any other food.
  • In terms of the price, It is very economical hamster food.
  • The 5-pound bag goes a long way.
  • It is odorless and keeps hamster healthy and happy.



  • The New buyer is not much satisfied with this product they need to handpick their pet’s food, otherwise, the hamster will eat so many sunflower seeds.
  • Some pet parents believe this food as a supplement rather than a main source of nutrition.
  • Make sure amazon sent you a fresh food bag.
  • If you ordered 25 lbs bag then empty the bag in a sealable container for freshness
  • It contains added colors.


3. Wild Harvest Wh-83543 Wild Harvest Best Hamster Food


Wild Harvest Wh-83543 Wild Harvest Best Hamster Food (best hamster food)

Our third product in the top 5 best Hamster foods is Wild Harvest hamster food. This product keeps your pet’s health optimum and maintains it. Your pet will love its taste and after eating hamster will look and feel better because this wild harvest hamster food contains lots of fibers and nutrients which is a perfect meal for a hamster. Thanks to Wild harvest for bringing the best food for the hamster.

All your hamsters need is a proper portion of protein, vitamins, and minerals. This wild harvest food promises you to deliver the best quality of protein, vitamin, and minerals that makes you pet strong and healthy. You love your pet and want to give the best food to your hamster. It is normal to be careful when it comes to choosing the right product for your loved ones.

This product gives your hamster proper nutrition and encourages natural foraging behavior, which is necessary and important for their happiness and well being. A balanced diet that ensures strong bones, endurance, and clear vision.

Wild Harvest hamster diet has everything a hamster could ask for along with stuff you know they need for good health. You’ll see at night the little devil makes the bowl empty and wants more. So, I say this is one of the best food for a hamster in the market.




  • As it comes in a container i.e reusable and easy to store, this product is favorite among many parents.
  • The food contains a lot of tiny and few large pieces which make it the right choice for hamsters.
  • After a certain amount of consumption, this will harvest food, the hamster becomes happy and healthy.
  • People do like this product as it has so many colorful pieces of food and seeds. The hamster-like it too.
  • The container makes it fresh for longer.
  • The hamster will get all the basic vitamins, mineral and nutrients from this food.


  • Some picky hamster refuses this product to eat.
  • Price is a little high as compared to other best food brands.

4. Vitakraft Vita Prima Sunscription Dwarf Hamster Diet Formula


Vitakraft Vita Prima Sunscription Dwarf Hamster Diet Formula (tasty hamster food)


Our 5th product in the top 5 best hamster foods is Sunseed Vita Prima Sunscription. It is highly recommended for our little smallest hamster. It is made with a tasty blend of oats, grains, vegetables, and fortified nutrients. This diet was formulated with the specific tastes and nutritional needs of dwarf hamsters in mind. It is a complete diet on its own and contains omega 3 fatty acids too that helps in healthy skin and his coat.

Moreover, It has pre and probiotics that help in a healthy digestive system with no added sugar in the food. This is the best food for hamster which has added Calcium, Vitamin D & E that gives them the extra energy to support their high metabolic rate.

Finally, bits of veggie give different textures and if your pet is tired of the pellet only diet that many vets recommend. You have found a product that your Chinese, Russian, and Robo hamster will love.





  • No sugar in the entire bag neither contains any artificial flavor.
  • The pet will get Added calcium, vitamins D & E.
  • It comes with Omega3 fatty acids.
  • It contains Lots of vegetable ingredients.


  • The amount of grain is a little high as per the some pet’s parent.

5. F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Hamster Gerbil Food


F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Hamster Gerbil Food (best hamster food brand)


Our 4th Top Best hamster foods are Tropical Carnival. It is an all in one vitamin nutrient fortified food. it is like a treat for hamsters they love its taste and mix grains. It is formulated as a daily dietary need of your pet and contains ingredients such as fruits, veggies, seeds, and grains plus they added beneficial ingredients to help indigestion.

Just like us, we need nutrition for functioning our body same hamster also needs the nutritional value and this pack guarantee to serve the daily requirement of hamster to stay happy and active. The farm-fresh veggies also present in this formula which helps in keeping the immune system healthy. The taste of the grains is so delicious that the little friend will love it and complete all the food you serve in his bowl.

The interesting blend of seeds, fruits, grains, and veggies will offer your furry companion an explosion of flavors and colors.




  • It looks so good and colorful even hamsters love it and start liking from the very first bite of the meal.
  • Pet’s parents notice and state that this product helps in keeping the hamster ‘s cage fresh smelling and clean.
  • This is one of the best hamster food mixes that offer a variety of food that hamsters love they feel special and well-cared.
  • This product fulfills all the nutritional requirements of the hamster and gives a healthy lifestyle to him/her.



  • Buyers mentioned hamsters leave the food as it doesn’t like their one ingredients and left behind uneaten.

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