Ferret Toys | Best Ferret Toys That Every Ferret Love

Do you want to see your lovely ferret to do some cool things?  So here are some Awesome ferret toys that give a full of enjoyable life to your ferret.

It is very important to have some toys for your ferret because ferret loves toys. Like a small kid, ferret also loves to play with some cool toys. So toys are the perfect gift for your ferret.

Ferret love to play with soft and rubber toys. But these toys are not safe for ferret because ferret chews on soft rubber and ingest it. They can,t digest rubber So it becomes an obstruction in their intestines. So to save your ferret from danger you have to remove soft plastic object and toys from ferret play area.

We select the 7 best ferret toys that are totally safe for your ferret.

1. Super Thru-Way Tunnel

Most ferrets love tunnels, and this is an extreme tunnel that is sure to provide lots of entertainment. This very flexible vinyl tunnel stretches to 15 feet and is clear so you can watch the fun.  This tunnel can be combined with other ferret toys for more fun.

2. Pop-N-Play Ferret Ball Pit Toy

The Pop-N-Play Ball Pit is a fun and interactive ferret toy for one or many ferrets. Ball Pit includes 35 plastic balls and is folds flat for easy storage. It can be combined with super thru-way tunnel and your ferret gets the most enjoyable experience with these toys.

3. Kong For Ferret

KONG’s exclusive toy is now made for ferrets too. It is a non-toxic, natural rubber toy that is long lasting and durable. Irregular shape for an unpredictable bounce that drives ferrets crazy. As ferret love to chew so this toy is especially for the chew purpose. It can be filled with your ferret’s favorite treat to become a good distraction tool.

4. Ferret Octo-Play

Octo-play is the ultimate accessory for inside or outside of your ferret cage. This interactive toy offers 11 holes, 5-inch tunnels and a cozy resting place in the center that both you and your ferret are sure to love. Ferret love this for napping and playing. It’s easy to wash and hasn’t faded at all.

5. Bungee Ferret Toy 

If your ferret love to steal things then it is one of the best ferret toys for your ferret. Hang this plush fleece toy from the top of your ferret’s cage and watch the fun begin! Soft, elasticized plush toy securely clips to any bar on the cage top. PROS: Durable, High Quality, Good Value, Easy to Use, Pet Loves It.

6. Pet Turtle Tunnel

Your ferret will love this turtle. Because this turtle works like a playing bed for them. They play with this turtle and also love this for their naps. Ferrets love to tunnel—it’s in their nature. So you can bet your feisty little friend will have a blast zooming into and out of the tunnels and openings of the Turtle Tunnel. It made of the softest fabric stuffed with dreamy, lofty fiberfill.

7. Ferret Pull-N-Go Toy ferret toys

These are the cute toys and there is no small piece that your ferret can eat or chew. It is a ferret friendly toy. You just simply pull the string and watch it go crazy. It made up of soft fleece and has a vibrating mechanism and bell inside. There are 3 verities of this toy i.e. bee, frog, and ladybug. This toy is bit expensive but overall it is a nice toy.

My ferret gets bored with his toys, what do I do?

Many ferret owners face this problem and because of this, they don’t invest more money in buy new toys. This problem can be solved by some intelligence you can simply rotate the toys and accessories in the cage. It will help keep life interesting and entertaining for your ferrets.

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