Top 5 Best Chinchilla Food (Reviews) in 2021

Best Chinchilla Food to Enhance Their Growth And Health

Chinchillas are one of the most interesting pets one could own in their home however, taking care of them is quite a difficult task as they are so sensitive. The quality of food always the first concern comes in mind while looking after the health of chinchilla.

As we all know chinchillas are herbivores, They only eat plant-based food material. The food you feed them plays a very important role in their growth. The good quality of food must contain high fiber, low carbohydrates, and low fat. You can feed them grass hay, pellets, water, and fresh produce i.e plants. Avoid treat which is high in sugar especially commercial treats. Fruits are okay but in very small amounts.

Chinchilla eating best food

Points to remember for better growth for your chinchillas:-

  • Grass hay should be high quality such as timothy based and orchard grass hay.
  • Hay should available all 24 hours.
  • Pellets should be plain.
  • Freshwater should always available and change daily.

Top-Rated Chinchilla Food List 2020-

In this article, we will talk about the Top 5 best chinchilla food which is best for them. We know it so difficult for you to do research on the best chinchilla food as there are 1000 products in the market. We reviewed the top 5 food which re best for your chinchilla.

1. Oxbow Animal Health Chinchilla Fortified Small Animal Feeds

Oxbow essential best food for chinchilla

Our 1st best chinchilla food is Oxbow essential chinchilla food. This product is the best food for chinchilla pets as it contains the most nutritious and balanced diet which helps in the growth and health of your furry little friend. The oxbow essential ingredients are hand-selected and all farm-fresh. You can relax because your pet gets only nutritious food. The taste is really good, chinchilla loves its taste.

This oxbow essential is an excellent food choice for your chinchilla. This contains high fiber 20% which helps in the better digestive system, High protein 18% which helps in better growth and health. The pellets also have vitamins A, D, E i.e lead to better immune systems.

Oxbow is a leading manufacturer of pets food. The recipe is designed by the nutritious experts however it is a little costly but not expensive than your chinchilla ‘s life. Many people love this brand as they claim their chinchilla loves the food and becomes more healthy, flurry and energetic. There is no added filler inside oxbow essential chinchilla food.

The key feature of Oxbow essential:-

  • Oxbow essential contains all the vitamins and minerals a chinchilla required.
  • It is an alfalfa-based meal that high in fiber.
  • Both young and adult chinchillas can eat this food.



  • Oxbow is the best option for all ages of chinchillas.
  • It contains all the important nutrients and vitamins.
  • Ingredients are farm fresh.
  • The food is so tasty, pet loves the taste.
  • It doesn’t contain any seed or filler.
  • Oxbow got so many positive reviews from customers.


  • Few chinchillas don’t prefer this brand.
  • The price is costly.
  • It is an alfalfa-based product.


2. Supreme Selective Petfoods 

Supreme selective best chinchilla food

Our 2nd best chinchilla food is Supreme selective pet food which is properly balanced food for your furry friend. It helps to keep their skin and coat healthy. The best thing about this food is their products don’t contain any artificial colors and sugar that helps for your pet’s dental health. This food prevents your chinchilla from becoming obese and also provide a healthy digestion system.

Your pet will get everything they need for a healthy life. This food is from supreme selective food a lot of thoughts and careful consideration spend on the creation of this food. It consists of 16% of protein, 19% of fiber and 3% of fats. You can add this food with the hay.

Food is so soft so your pet can easily chew it and digest the pellets. The customer wrote that the pet doesn’t find any problem while eating the food when selective petfood is given to them. chinchilla seems to enjoy selective petfood.

Key features of Selective pet food:-

  • High levels of fiber ensure digestion.
  • It doesn’t have added sugar that promotes dental health.
  • The fat % is very low prevents chinchilla from becoming obese.



  • This food is rich in parsley, plantain, and linseed that helps in shiny skin(coat).
  • This food care for the pets digestive system. It contains fiber (19%).
  • Very low-fat % as pets become obese so fast.
  • The taste is very appealing. Pets enjoy it.


  • Few of the chinchilla doesn’t like its taste.
  • It comes in only one bag size.

3. Higgins Sunburst Gourmet 

Higgins's sunburst top chinchilla food

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Chinchilla food comes on 3rd rank on the list of top 5 best chinchilla food. This product enriched in DHA and omega 3 fatty acid that helps in keeping healthy bone and good vision of your little cute chinchilla. This food is the perfect combo of fruits and vegetables. It contains all the minerals and vitamins a chinchilla body needs. It also has pre and probiotics that help in the digestion system.

Some treat in a while makes your pet happier. They love the treat taste. Sunburst contains a mix of food and vegetables it is food and as well as treat too. It helps in a better immunity system and promotes a healthy life. The product is completely free from all preservatives and artificial flavors.

This sunburnt gourmet food is an excellent formula that meets all the specifications required of a chinchilla body need. As food comes in a reusable bag so you can keep it fresh for a long time. It comes in two sizes 3 and 6 pounds.

Key features of Higgins sunburst gourmet:-

  • It is a mixture of fruits and vegetables.
  • Sunburst food contains plant-based DHA and omega 3.
  • Flaked veggies to help indigestion.
  • It contains protected probiotics to maintain immunity.



  • Food is rich in all the vitamins and minerals and in addition, contains DHA, omega 3 fatty acid.
  • Sunburst comes with Probiotics that helps in better digestion.
  • The six-pound bag provides food to last your pet a whole month.
  • The price is so reasonable and affordable.
  • Chinchilla loves this food taste and enjoys the meal.
  • It is a mixture of fruit and vegetable.
  • It is made in the U.S under the highest standard of quality.


  • Food has too many pellets. As some pet is not used to eating pellets.
  • Chinchilla only eats tasty ingredient and ignore the rest.

4. F.M.Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural 

F.M Brown Tropical Carnival

F.M. Brown’s Tropical carnival chinchilla food is our 4th best food you can feed to your pet chinchilla. This product scores the best in terms of price and quality ratio. It is a packet os everything healthy n nutritious diet that your pet will love it.

It is rich in seeds, raisins and rose petals, that enhance its taste. The food is rich in fiber that enhances the chinchilla digestive system. Also, protein is in good amounts and other essential vitamins and minerals. You can feed this food in only a small amount to prevent you from getting obese.

This product has received so many good reviews but it contains natural preservatives. So you can give this treat with regular hay and in a small amount.

Key Features of F.M. Brown’s tropical natural:-

  • Food is high in fiber to enhance the digestive system.
  • It is a mixture of complete nutrients and vitamins that your pet required.
  • This is food and treats as well.


  • F.M. Brown is rich in nutrients, sunflower seed, and rose petals.
  • This is rich in fiber and alfalfa pellets for better digestion.
  • The bag is huge will last for a long time.
  • Chinchillas love its taste.


  • This contains preservatives.
  • F.M Brown is not full of nutrients as promised.
  • It contains high sugars.

5. Kaytee Fiesta Chinchilla Food

Kaytee fiesta

Our 5th best food for a chinchilla is Kaytee fiesta food which is very popular across the world. The food is excellent for chinchilla ‘s dental health as the size is small and has good textures. It contains all the important ingredients which make it healthy for your chinchilla.

The ingredient in Kaytee fiesta ensures you that your pet only eating good quality of the food which promotes better health and growth. Basically it is a mixture of colorful fruits, veggies, seeds, and grains. Chinchilla loves the food taste and enjoys the meal.

It is observed that there is no added sugar and artificial preservatives in this product Moreover, It is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which helps in better immunity.

Key Features of Kaytee fiesta:-

  • Kaytee fiesta includes pre and probiotic that promotes better digestion.
  • It is the most popular brand worldwide.
  • This food takes care of your chinchilla dental health too.



  • It is easy to chew for your little friend.
  • It contains so many tasty morsels. Chinchilla loves them.
  • The recipe is rich in DHA and omega 3 fatty acids.
  • This Kaytee fiesta product comes with pre and probiotics.

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