Record Breaking Ferret! Guinness World Records

Record Breaking Ferret! Guinness World Records, A ferret who break all the records by beating 150 others ferret. On 11 July 1999 at the North England Ferret Racing Championships held in Blythe, Northumberland, UK, an albino ferret named ‘Warhol’, owned by Jacqui Adams (UK), ran the 10 m (32 ft 9 in) tube race in 12.59 … Read more

13 Amazing Ferret Tricks ! Must Try With Your Ferret!

Awesome ferret tricks performed by the smart ferrets. You can train your ferret with clicker training and they will learn very quickly. Ferret love training and excited when training session start. My personal favorite tricks are  “Follow me, Reverse Around and Spin”.  Must Read: Best Ferret Food to Buy for Ferrets in 2019

WWE – Ferret Vs Cat Fight Full Match

Ferret and cat love to play with each other. This battle is between in a smart ferret and crazy cat. Cat trying to catch ferret but she can’t catch because here ferret is faster and smarter than this cat. This is just like a Tom and Jerry show, here Jerry role is done by the Ferret. Enjoy the match. … Read more

7 Things You Need To Know Before Getting a Ferret

Ferrets are great fun and hugely rewarding, but owning one can also be costly and time-consuming. Are you ready to take on the responsibility? Check out this list of things you need to know before getting a ferret. 1. A ferret is for life Owning a ferret is a lifetime commitment. Ferret develop deep bonds … Read more